*** Official Selection 2013 Sundance Film Festival – NEW FRONTIERS PROGRAM 2013 ***

Official Trailer ('RISE' by Antony Hegarty)

Director: Lynette Wallworth
Producer: John Maynard
Production Date: 2012
Duration: 45 min
Format: Full-dome feature film
Production Company: Felix Media


CORAL: REKINDLING VENUS is a full-dome planetarium film designed to immerse and nurture an emotional connection between a global audience and the planet’s endangered coral reefs. The film features original deep-sea photography, and music by Antony and the Johnsons,  and Max Richter.

CRKV premiered in 25 cities around the world on 5 June 2012, including New York City, Buenos Aires, London and Melbourne, on the night of the Transit of Venus. It was then invited to screen as part of the 2013 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, where it was presented in a 10-seat purpose built mini-planetarium at New Frontier and the Salt Lake City’s Clark Planetarium. Following a success at the festival, CRKV was screened in numerous planetariums across the USA.

Elliott had the incredible opportunity to edit and work with artist/director Lynette Wallworth on the full-dome feature film. Technologically complex, the challenge was to edit a film with live-action footage and screen it within planetariums traditionally designed for 3D computer generated images.

Original Theatrical Trailer (Max Richter version)

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