Anthony Magen interview on Radio National

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My brother, Anthony Magen - an acoustic ecologist, artist and landscape architect talking on Radio National about Sound Walks and the Melbourne International Jazz Festival.

The joys of listening

"Jazz music has been known to border the esoteric at times but what have ambient street noises got to do with a Jazz Festival.
As an acoustic ecologist, Anthony Magen wants to promote a culture of listening, and takes people on listening walks through city spaces.
His Soundwalks are a feature of the Melbourne International Jazz Festival. He joins Patricia Karvelas in The Drawing Room along with musician Marc Hannaford to chat about the art of listening."

Radio National Interview: Click here


Coral: Rekindling Venus Premieres at 2013 Sundance Film Festival 2013

On Jan 19 2013, we had the great honour of meeting with Robert Redford in front of Lynette's augmented reality work and the CRKV mini-dome, built specifically for the Sundance festival.

Sundance Institute announces national USA screenings for 2013 SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL NEW FRONTIER PROJECT, CORAL: REKINDLING VENUS

"Sundance Institute today announced that Coral: Rekindling Venus, a full-dome film and augmented reality presentation featured in the 2013 edition of New Frontier at the Sundance Film Festival, will screen at 14 full-dome planetariums throughout the United States during the Festival, January 17-27 2013"